Curriculum Implementation Division:

Schools and Learning Centers continuously improve the management of curriculum implementation.


Office of the CID Chief

To provide strategic and technical inputs towards the full implementation of the articulated basic education curriculum, enforcing curriculum standards, localization and indigenization of the articulated curriculum to suit the conditions and context of the locality and ensuring access to quality and varied learning resources. To direct and manage the work of the CID team that will help manage curriculum implementation in the schools division and provide technical assistance to the schools in line with the curriculum and learning management.


Education Program Supervisor (Learning/Subject Areas)

To provide technical support in the full implementation of the articulated basic education curriculum for a subject area and the development of learning resource materials to suit the conditions and context of the locality. To provide technical assistance to the Schools in curriculum implementation, instructional supervision and learning materials development and quality assurance. (When part of LR Design and Development Team, may be assigned as Instructional Design and Development Coordinator)


Learning Resources Management & Development System (LRMDS)

To supervise the development, production and distribution of all types of learning resources (printed, digital, multi-media, etc.) for use in the schools division so as to increase access to varied quality learning resources by intended users (i.e. teaching and learning resources and professional development materials)To.  improve delivery of the basic education curriculum. To provide technical assistance to the schools in the set-up, management, operations and maintenance of their Learning Resource Centers.


Alternative Learning System (ALS)

To provide basic education services to out-of-school children, youth and adults by assisting the PSDS in coordinating activities on ALS programs & projects; instructional supervision; monitoring & evaluation and provision of technical assistance to ALS Learning Facilitators (Mobile Teachers, DALSCs, Literacy Volunteers, Instructional Managers, Facilitators) at the District level.


District Instructional Supervisors

To provide schools and learning centers in a district with relevant and timely service through  the conduct of instructional supervision  provision of technical assistance in school management and curriculum implementation  establishing a conducive physical environment for learners and school workers  sustaining strong and harmonious partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders in order to improve access to and delivery of quality basic education.