Schools Division Superintendent

Message of Optimism…

The movement of Schools Division Superintendents could be one of the most important milestones in my life as a public servant. For, one it offers me vast opportunities to serve more. Second, I will be in a Team where it carries a legendary name Cagayan. And third, it will be a huge team. Every day, we influence many lives most especially our customers, providing them the best services. Our services will speak the kind of people we have hired. They can be the best ones. They are the most important resource, our Human Resources. We will strive to the level best for our Learners, Schools, Offices, Sections and Units.  With God’s grace and with the humble experiences in various capacities including the tested leadership and management styles in the SDOs were I served we can work together to satisfy our learners and partners for development. One keyword that we will work for our excellent professional working relationship is INTERFACE. This is time tested process to achieve our shared vision, direction, mission and objectives for SDO Cagayan. I believe in every human resource of SDO Cagayan that each has the greatest one to offer for our organization. It is only a matter of right timing, for every brave soul to make SDO CAGAYAN great contributor to the growth and development of northern Philippines. In the same way, l know that IAM blessed to have the best Human Resources in SDO CAGAYAN, goal driven and passionate. We are a Team. We have one direction, you are my new family, we are a Family.

Let us make sure we dedicate our work to holistic style of leadership, to the creation of localized policies that will help everyone of us, to the careful stewardship of every school, and transparent, responsible and accountable governance. I would like to share this story about Jigoro Kano, the founder of the martial arts of judo. He was an excellent judo player and he was a bemedalled athlete at the Olympics. He was well respected because he helped the Japanese youth to learn judo. Before he died, he reminded all his students to bury him using the white belt and not the black belt. In martial arts, white belt is the symbol of a beginner – an apprentice who has many things yet to learn. What a lesson in humility and teach ability. Each of us regardless of ranks must be a student of life. As for me I always consider myself as a continuous student of the universe. Weather we are CEO, Supervisor, School Head, always wear a white belt. Continue learning in order to be an expert.  Again allow me to embrace SDO Cagayan as my new home. Let us journey and work together to help every learner and personnel attain a better quality of life so that nobody will be left behind. Let us make our team as a learning community to contribute in the attainment of DepEd, PLGU and LGU vision and mission.

Finally, let me quote some beautiful lines from the song Million Dreams, from the hit movie, the greatest showman: I think of what the world could be. A vision of the one see. A million dreams is all it’s gonna take A million dreams for the world we are gonna make.     Together, let our dreams be fulfilled. Let’s make it happen.   We, are One Team SDO Cagayan, God bless us more.