UDVM 11-29-2018 B

Subject: UDVM 11-29-2018 B re: Regional Cross Specialization Training of Grades 7-10 Science Teachers on their Non-Major Subjects

DVM NO. 228 S. 2018

Subject: DVM NO. 228 S. 2018 re: Screening and Accreditation of Athletes, Coaches and Chaperons’ Documents for the Cagayan Provincial Athletic Association (CPAA) Meet 2018

DVA 11-29-2018 B

Subject: DVA 11-29-2018 B re: 1st Kabataang Cagayano Christmas Chess Challege

UDVM 11-29-2018

Subject: UDVM 11-29-2018 re: School Health Program Management Review and 2019 Planning Workshop

DVA 11-29-2018 A

Subject: DVA 11-29-2018 A re: An Act Increasing the Minimum Monthly Salaries and the Personnel Economic Relief Allowance of Government Employees

DVM NO. 227 S. 2018

Subject: DVM NO. 227 S. 2018 re: Logo Making Contest For the Cagayan Sports Manual

DVM NO. 226 S. 2018

Subject: DVM NO. 226 S. 2018 re: 2018 Clustered Cagayan Provincial Athletic Meet