DVM NO. 44 S. 2019

Subject: Addendum to DVM no. 43 s. 2019 re: Attendance of Zumba Dancers and School Heads During the Opening of 2019 CAVRAA

DVA 02-28-2019 B

Subject: DVA 02-28-2019 B re: Consultative Conference with Secondary Schools Offering Tech-Voc and Livelihood (TVL) Track

DVA 02-28-2019 A

Subject: DVA 02-28-2019 A re: Creative Writing, Poem Writing, Photo Essay and Short-Film Writing Sponsored by the Adelan Foundation

UDVM 02-28-2019

Subject: UDVM 02-28-2019 re: Submission of the Final Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) for CY 2019